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Friday, August 25, 2017

This is another post that is a little off the subject but I would just like to put it out there, So here goes;

                                        For All My Trucker Friends

                         My thoughts on driver wages
Company drivers have been on a mileage basis for over 50 years and as such have been expected to donate time when doing company jobs so they would have more time to drive, which is what they get paid for.
The Teamsters got there rank and file paid for a lot of that time like, inspections, unloading, break downs etc. by mandating the drivers should be on the clock at those times and therefor the drivers were compensated for these times and still are.
 Owner operators contract to carry a load from point A to point B for X  amount and should figure in all costs of that move when accepting the rate so if they do it right they will do fine with mileage pay, but where does that leave the company driver?
Even today the driver is expected to donate time so they have time to drive but with the advent of "EOBR's" we are at a big disadvantage because we can't "adjust" our logs to let us not show that time, we just have to donate the time and money so that the company doesn't have to pay more to get the job done.
That is unfair at best and unlawful at worst.
Driving is no longer an incentive job, it is an hourly job like any other and should be addressed as such.  Most road drivers have to live in their trucks for 168 hours a week to get paid for the 70 that they are allowed to work and they shouldn't have to donate any of that time. Actually they don't even have 70 hours, that's for 8 days. Spending weeks away from home and living in truckstops the 98 hours a week that they are off should get them decent wages. Even though the company furnishes a bunk for them to sleep in it is hardly "home", just convenient.
If the industry got together they could work this out in a way that would be good for everyone and probably help with driver retention. The only thing stopping this from happening is the company's belief that it will cost them more money than they can afford.
I often wonder why there is always money to afford nice salaries and perks for management and office staff to have paid sick leave, holidays, insurance and the like but never enough to pay the key personel that do the actual work that makes it possible for the business to exist at all.
The only reason trucking is a good living is because we get to work almost twice as many hours as everyone else and if you look at it that way we are not much more than unskilled minimum wage employees, but I challenge anyone to ride along with a driver making delivers in any major city and see for yourself the skill level that is required to manuever a 70 foot rig around in areas designed for straight trucks without damaging the equipment or other property.
All that said, It's time for a change. Start paying everyone a decent hourly rate without causing the Government to pass legislation to force it to happen.
All you company drivers who would like to help this happen, go to our website and join our peaceful movement to enlighten as many as possible about our needs.   Thanks !

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Attacking Our History

                             What is wrong with people ?

 I remember studying our nations history in school [actually had to take it twice] and in that we studied what happened in the south in early america.

I don't believe anyone was proud of the slavery issue but to destroy inanimate objects because they remind some of a failing in other people is just as bad as the original sin.

The statues were and are just a way of reflecting on that persons contribution to the growth of the nation, good or bad, and as mature adults we can build on that to become better.

Destroying something just because you see it as degrading to you or your culture is childish at best.

Americans are a group of mixed cultures and we need to seek ways of communicating with each other in a non violent manner to resolve petty issues and focus on getting along with everyone.

Remember, you can't build positive results on negative actions

Your comments are always welcome.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A disturbing thing happened this week,

A friend of mine, her daughter and her son's girlfriend and young child were all beaten in their yard by 4 to 6 other people who were armed with knives. 

Injured, they called TPD and after they arrived and talked to some of the assailants and complainants they let the person that was still there go and did not even write a report. Only after the women went to the hospital and was treated did they call TPD again and got a different officer to come back and write a report.

  This was aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with bodily injury, criminal trespass and a few other charges and yet the first officers who responded to an assault call, left without taking a report.  How does this happen???

I'm sure I don't have all the info on this but this just happened to be black on white crime in Turly and the first officers were white.

I'm not suggesting bias but it does seem that maybe the officers didn't want to stir the pot. Again I don't know the complete story but after the lady in south Tulsa last week getting her car broken into in her drive and couldn't get TPD to respond to her alarm call it makes me wonder what is really going on.

Stay safe until next time,  Dutch

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This post is a little off the subject but,

I think it may be of interest to some.  Many of us have been taught that to succeed at something you need to set goals and refer to them frequently but how often do we do it?

I have just found a program that makes goal setting and the follow up ritual that actually allows you to succeed at that goal, almost effortless thus practically insuring success.  

Wow !   Think of what this can do for anyone who wants to live a better life and has dreams of getting material things, enjoying life and giving a family the better things that only a good job with good wages can offer. Just set your goals and follow the plan to accomplish your dream.

Can it be that simple?  This program is certainly worth looking at and I think you will agree with me that it is well worth any amount to be successful in life and just maybe this is it.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

So, A couple more "officer involved shootings" have happened, one a few blocks from my house and from what I see on the news they appear to be good shoots. 

There is a time when that is the only coarse of action left to the officer and I applaud the officers bravery and ability, even though they will have to go through an investigation and keep their head straight from now on, that is what they are paid for, keeping us safe.

On a lighter note, I now sell "TASER" products and also offer "MACE" line of pepper spray along with other effective personal protective products at my booth inside "Admiral Flee Market" on the north side of Admiral at Mingo. Come by or email me for sales information.  I also offer DIY security systems that are easy to install and can offer all the intrusion and surveillance protection of any of the main stream outlets at HUGE savings.

It appears that the need for personal protection is becoming more pronounced as the criminal element is alive and well despite the efforts of law enforcement, so we as regular citizens need to take hold of this and be responsible for our own safety as much as we can. There are to few officers to respond effectively to all of the events we may be faced with if we are not somewhat vigilant about our surroundings and have some way to at least get away from an assailant before they can do us harm.

I now have access to all types of security items and will be offering free reports on safety and security here and by email from my website. If you would like these reports sent via email just sign up at and you will get them free. I promise not to bombard you with sales pitches and I won't sell your info, I'll just try to help you be safe in this troubled world.

Thanks for your time,  Darrell

Friday, June 9, 2017

WOW,  Here We Go Again !

Another black youth has been shot and killed by police doing their job and supposedly protecting society from a dangerously armed individual.

This time the young man supposedly had some mental problems and was running around with a couple of knives in his possession and the officers felt threatened and concerned for the safety of others in the area.

Again, they were within their legal boundary but I have to ask what ever happened to just using enough force to control the situation. Did they have to take his life? I'm a little premature in asking this as we don't even know what took place but I see an area that needs to be addressed with the deaths of all these subjects when it appears to me that some of them could have been stopped by 
other less fatal means.

Lets hope that this was justified and that maybe the powers that be in law enforcement can change their approach to these types of confrontations to give us a better outcome without endangering themselves or anyone else.

Prayers to all involved, Darrell

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

MY View, The Trial, 

Well it's 10;20 pm and we are still waiting. The verdict is "NOT GUILTY" !  I sure hope that the
 family of the deceased can understand what Terrence did to bring this about. It wasn't because he was a bad guy it was because of his action when confronted by a law enforcement officer doing her duty. If people would just learn from this and see how senseless this was because of someone being under the influence of a substance that probably caused him to not even realize the police were there.

Now we will see whether sane heads will prevail and let the protests be non violent rather than like the last big outcry, and let use all reflect on this and strive to understand and work to make it better for everyone .

Lets all Pray !